Director, Creative Videographer & Photographer ...

Based out of Mumbai, MH but available everywhere – whether it’s somewhere in India or worldwide.

Saimantick Bhadra, Cinematographer, Mumbai

Hey, I'm Saimantick ...

… a freelance media professional with industry experience of four years, dawning the hats of Director, Assistant Director, Cinematographer, 2nd DOP & Photographer.
I’m on a quest to tell stories with visual poetry and awareness so that the audience take away a part of the film they watch everytime.

MY Works


I have worked with

Mastercard Inc. - AD Film

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Saimantick - DOP

Visualising along with the director & shooting with the aesthetics of the project to get the desired output from the shot-division to the screen.

Film Direction

Directing & assisting in direction of motion pictures & shorts from the development stage to the final release of the project.

Lantern Making at Bishnupur

Shooting high-quality photographs with a sense of art that caters to different industries while fulfilling the need of digital promotions.